The electronic music scene in Svendborg has grown in recent years, giving rise to a dance culture and DJ scene showcased at numerous underground events in the city. 

Sekvens is the label for the Svendborg sound

contact: asmusbusck+sekvensburo@gmail.com

Asmus Busck

Asmus Busck serves a rave'ish dish consisting hot, crispy Vinyls with voluptous hits from the insane techno dance floors og the 90's



Salty Brothers

Salty Brothers, Farid (DJ Salty) and Ahmed (Aggi), started DJing together after Ahmed returned from London, where he participated in founding the club FOLD and the record label DIY Records.

Salty Brothers specialize in acid, techno, house, electrobreaks and arab-disco.



Supernihil has been making visuals for raves in Denmark, Sweden and Swiss since 2007. Supernihil is making visuals using code and found footage. The aesthetic is chaotic and organic. 

Supernihil has been resident on Norberg Festival as well as Loppen (Christiania) where he was partaking in organizing raves as well as visuals and general aesthetic.

Supernihil has been involved in generative music videos and research into live video aesthetics.